Where to buy a car radio ?


Buying a new car radio can be a very easy or a very complex process. This largely depends on whether you will need to overhaul your existing car radio system in order to have a new one fitted. It can involve fitting new speakers, the main system and the subwoofers. If you find that this is the case, you may be better with one of the USB or Bluetooth systems discussed above. An alternative could be upgrading your current system, so it may be worth speaking to a professional about that option.

Fit it yourself vs getting it fitted professionally

If you are having a new system fitted, you should consider companies who fit the system for you. As well as Halfords discussed above (who fit the more basic systems), there is Best Buy and Circuit City, who will completely install your system for you.

Buying a car stereo online or in-store

Whichever system you go for, you can buy direct from the manufacturer or from a third party seller like Halfords and Argos, who offer discounts and deals. Price comparison sites and car magazines like those discussed above will help you to compare products and prices, but you may have to go direct to the seller to see what offers are on at the time you purchase. Halfords and Argos are both reasonable options as you will have a warrantee and an easy place to return the product or get technical support for any problems that you might encounter using and installing your product. There are a number of car radio systems available on eBay as well. This is of course slightly more risky, and you may not have the same returns policy. However, some verified sellers do offer a warrantee on their products and considering how expensive these systems can be, buying online might be a good cheaper option if your budget is tight. Unlike computers and phones, car radios tend to remain functional and smooth-running for a long time, meaning that a second hand product may well fit your needs perfectly and serve you well for a long period of time. There are also some specialist websites which only sell used and new car radio systems. The UK’s number One reseller of car audio systems is the Car Audio Warehouse which can easily be found on Google and is a very reputable seller.

Overall, there is a lot to think about when buying a car radio. The huge range of products, from basic and easy to install music-players to complex multimedia systems and full car radio systems, mean that you will have to make a careful choice about what is right for you and your car. On the positive side, it means there is an awful lot of choice and a wide price range, so with a bit of research you will certainly be able to find a product that matches both your budget and your needs.

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