Where to buy a bread maker ?


There are a variety of ways to get your hands on a bread making machine. You can either buy on the high street or you can go through the internet and get your product online and delivered to your home.

Buying a bread maker on the high street

The first place to check when thinking about getting a bread machine is a department store. Stores such as John Lewis offer a range of bread makers and provide you with the assurance of buying from a trustworthy and reputable source. However, you may be limited in what you can get from these stores. John Lewis stock many Kenwood models, a Cuisinart model and a couple of Panasonic options. This does give you a little bit or a range, and you can spend between £75 and £150 on a bread machine from here. However, there are other models that you might want to consider which are not available here. On the other hand, their models all come with a guarantee and a secure place that you can return your product to if you have any problems.

Currys are another high street option and although they have fewer models available they do offer some different machines so it might be worth exploring these stores online before you go shopping to see if they have the model you are interested in.

Argos are a cheaper option of a high street store stocking decent bread makers. At Argos the bread makers beginning at just £40, much cheaper than many other stores. They still offer your top of the range models as well, stocking the latest Panasonic model for £160.

Online: buying a bread maker on the web

Online there are many many options of places to get a bread maker from and it might be here that you will find the best prices, discounts and deals. Amazon is one option who stock a huge range of machines ranging from the very cheapest to the most expensive. This is a decent option as you will be able to get free postage and packaging from here as well which can be important with such large items. Appliances Online are another trustworthy company selling bread makers online and they have several options for sale. Websites such as Best Buy and Which? also offer price comparison on bread making models and these places are worth visiting as part of your research before you make your purchase. It is also worth remembering that some of the high street stores discussed have online sites that will deliver as well, including Argos and John Lewis, so make sure you compare prices from there as well.

Whichever bread maker you go for, make sure you do enough research into recipes and how to use them to get the most out of this versatile machine.

Last update: 22/11/2017 on 13:56. All prices are updated daily.