Best bread maker recipes


Once you’ve got your exciting new bread making machine, you’re going to want to look into all the things you can do with it. As we’ve said, you can make a lot more than a basic white loaf with these modern kitchen contraptions.

Online bread making recipes

There are many websites that are dedicated exclusively to giving you the best recipes and showing you how to get the most out of your bread making machine. One of the best of these sites is This state of the art website offers a huge number of recipes for all sorts of bread making machines. They have a simple search feature that allows you to choose what type of loaf you are looking to make and what type of kitchen equipment you are looking to make it with. The recipes found here range far beyond regular bread and include carrot bread, pest and parmesan bread and even brioche and ciabatta. They also have recipes for your quick and basic white and brown loaves. Most of the big baking websites also include recipes for your bread maker as well, including and BBC Food. A quick search will show you just how many recipes there are available to you online.

Famous Chefs

Another option is to check out what the famous chefs are baking. Bread makers are so common these days that some of the major chefs have extensive recipes specially designed for bread makers. Delia Smith is one of the forerunners here, and her website has a huge number of recipes and lots of advice about how to get the most out of your machine. Jamie Oliver’s website contains more than 40 bread recipes, many of which you can take advantage of using your bread maker. Of course, the maestro of bread making is Paul Hollywood, whose recipes will be essential for any real bread lover.

Bread Making Books

There are also a large number of books specifically dedicated to bread maker recipes. These books include the fantastic ‘Brilliant Breadmaking’ which is available for only £7 on Amazon. This book not only contains dozen recipes for pretty much any bread you can imagine, but it also teaches you how to use your machine, how to get the most out of it, how to clean it and how to remain safe when using the machine. It even advises you on how to choose your machine, so if this guide isn’t enough for you then you might consider getting this book before you even make your purchase. There are no shortage of books like this and you will easily be able to run a search and choose a recipe book that you find appealing. These books are full of recipes and you will find a never ending list of possibilities for your machine.

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