Best bread maker brands: panasonic, kenwood, morphy richards, cuisinart, breville etc.


One of the biggest names in bread makers is Kenwood. A reputable company with years of experience, a Kenwood bread maker is one of the must trustworthy of bread makers.


There is a wide price range when it comes to their products, as one can pick up an older Kenwood model online for just over £30. For the newer models of Kenwood machine, you’re looking at somewhere between £75 and £90. The latest Kenwood model has over 15 setting so that you can really experiment with the different types of bread recipe out there. Also, the machine has three sizes, a feature that not make bread makers have. This is a real bonus and will allow you to make a loaf of the right size so that you can have fresh bread every day without waste. The machine also has what it calls a ‘Raisin Nut Dispenser’ which is a feature that allows you to add fresh ingredients during the bread kneading process. This is great for those who want to make fruit bread or be a little more experimental with their bread making.

Morphy Richards

A competitor to Kenwood are Morphy Richards. These machines are a decent alternative and tend to be more consistent in price. A new Morphy Richards bread making machine costs around £40-50 wherever you buy from. These machines can be very fast at making bread, which may be key for those who don’t have a great deal of time to prepare and bake. You can get the machine going in the morning at the touch of a button and have a loaf of bread ready before breakfast time. The machine bakes a loaf in under an hour. Like the Kenwood model it has many setting, with slightly fewer at 12. You can also set the machine 13 hours in advance so that your bread is ready and fresh when you need it.


More towards the top end are the Panasonic bread makers. These machines costs upwards of £100 and for the best models you are looking at more like £150. However, although this is much more expensive, you do get what you pay for. The machines have all the features of the Kenwood model including the Nut Raisin Dispenser and has many more features too. The newest machines even have the specifically designed capacity to make Gluten Free bread and other alternative types of bread so it may be perfect for those with allergies and intolerances.

Breville and Cuisinart

Two other major bread making manufacturers are Breville and Cuisinart. The Breville machines belong along with Kenwood in the mid-range of bread makers, costing around £75. Cuisinart machines on the other hand are up there with Panasonic when it comes to quality and you can expect to pay over £150 for their latest machine. The features offered by Cuisinart are similar to the Panasonic models so it might be worth shopping around and seeing which you can get at the best price. Likewise, the Breville machines are not dissimilar to the Kenwood bread makers, so it might be worth comparing those two if you are looking to spend a little less. The final part of the guide will return to this discussion of how to get the best value for money when it comes to bread making.

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