Problems with air purifiers


A quick look online will show you that air purifiers are famous for having problems and causing all sorts of issues for the user. There are many many horror stories about air purifiers online and it is a good idea to think about which of these stories are worth paying attention to and which are myths that should be ignored.

Health Risks

As discussed at the beginning of this guide, many people choose to buy an air purifier because they want to benefit from its health risk reduction power. Air purifiers can help those with allergies or asthma, and they can reduce second had fumes and cigarette smoke in the room as well as other pollution. However, there are also those who warn against the air purifier, claiming that they actually work against these things rather than for them. Some claim that the heat given off by air purifiers can cause sinus problems. This may be true in some cases, so its worth asking a specialist about the model you are going to buy. However, it is worth knowing that there are also ways to counter and reduce this risk. Keeping the unit clean, making sure you have it at the right humidity and avoiding overheating the unit can stop this happening. In short, and perhaps predictably, the more expensive and better units give off less heat than the cheaper ones.

Ionic air purifiers can produce Ozone, which studies have shown can lead to increased respiratory problems, which is exactly the opposite of what the air purifier should be doing. There is a lot of information online about this and it can put people off buying an air purifier. However, these days most good air purifiers, including all the ones discussed in this guide, use a different technology called HEPA which avoids this problem. So, you should make sure your model has this feature and then disregard the scare stories regarding the issue.

Noise and Heat

The other issue with air purifiers is that they can give off a lot of noise and heat which can simply be annoying and uncomfortable. The key here is simple, you just need to make sure that you can trust the model you are buying. Ask in store for the amount of noise the unit gives off and the sales assistant should be able to help you. You can also find this information online and many air purifiers are specially designed to remain quiet. The same is true for the amount of heat the unit gives off, though here it is just a case of buying a decent model as these are all designed to prevent excessive overheating.

The visual aspect of an air purifier

Perhaps surprisingly, air purifying units are not usually a huge eye sore. Air conditioners on the other hand, are famous for being large and bulky units that make your room look cluttered and unattractive. Their close friends the air purifier however, seem to have masters the sleep design a lot quicker. Many air purifiers are relatively small and they are not usually very ugly. All the models discussed above are reasonably sleek looking units that will be at home in most rooms. It is however worth looking at your unit before buying as some models be a little lacking when it comes to the visual aspect.

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