Compare to find the best with the Stimply robot, what is it ?

We believe the web is a fantastic place if you know exactly what you are looking for ! Simply type in your favourite search engine: “brand” + “model”, and you'll find hundreds of websites promoting the “best” price online and offline.

But what happens if you don't know what you are looking for ? What happens if you know you want to buy a TV ( the best TV for your budget ) but you don't know precisely which one ?

Now you're stuck ! And you only really have 2 options :

Option 1: start the time-consuming process of finding and reading uptodate blogs, shortlisting your favourite products, start instore viewings and so on.

Option 2: OR you can use to choose and buy the best product for you in a few clicks. ranks products based on a “Smart Ranking” which regroups the following 3 elements:
1) Which product has the best features
2) Which product is the most liked by other users
3) Which seller offers the cheapest price for this product

How to use our different comparison tables to find the best product ?
With the help of hundreds ot views and filters, our app does the legwork for you to create a series of rankings answering the following 4 questions :

1) Which product has the best features ?

“Compare & Rank” and “Face to Face” tabs (example: Compare washing machines): these 2 views compare the characteristics of each product. A smart ranking is then generated by applying multiples to each piece of data collected by our engines. This smart ranking will give you the best product based on your selected requirements.

2) Which product has the best design ?

Battle view (example: Best looking washing machine): this view gives users the possibility to rank products based on a series of “battles”. In this view, a strong emphasis is made on design.

A ranking that collects all of our visitor's votes is then generated using the Elo system (system often used to rank online chess players and multi-player online games). A second personnal ranking is also created live for each user.

3) Which product is the most liked by other users ?

This is where the “Top 100” wall view comes in (example: Best vacuum cleaner) : the “Top 100” is an important part of the “smart ranking” and starts with important questions from our online assistant followed by filtered ranking which is then presented to users. Each product click or consultation is considered like positive data and is then collected by our engines and included in the smart ranking calculations.

4) Which seller offers the cheapest price ?

Example: Samsung WF70F5E2W4
Once you're found your perfect product, you will need to buy it. Each product has it's own page on that will summarize all features, rankings and will compare prices from a selection of sellers.

Last update: 09/08/2022 on 14:35. All prices are updated daily.